Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sunny Seattle

Earlier this month I got to do something I haven't done in 12 years ... hang out with my sister, Bonnie, for a weekend - KID FREE. It was also my first time away from Luke for more than a few hours and a much needed break from being a mom.

We met up in Seattle and had awesome time! Something strange for this rainy city -- I have never been there without it being wonderfully sunny.  This weekend was no different. Definitely chilly, but gorgeous, crystal-clear days.

Although we'd both been to Seattle before, it had been awhile, so we did most of the touristy things -- Pike's Market, Pioneer Square, Westlake Plaza, rode the Monorail to Seattle Center and got an up close look at the Space Needle. Plus, just explored on foot as much as possible and ate some amazing food. And, of course - lots of coffee! It all ended much to quickly, which I guess God knew as my flight got delayed a couple hours leaving :)

The line outside the original Starbucks was craaaazy! But, the people waiting had some awesome music to entertain them.

Goodbye beautiful Seattle!!

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