Thursday, April 23, 2015

Visitors from California & Luke turns TWO

This month feels like it is sort of flying by. My parents flew up and spent a week with us, celebrating Luke's birthday and Easter together, then it was time to get my very belated taxes done and now kind of recovering as we move into the "what's next?" for our summer {more on that to come soon!} It has been a good month and as things s-l-o-w-l-y warm up here it is easy to find joy is so many simple things. I am SO thankful for Spring!!

Luke's birthday was chilly. We'd had snow that morning which didn't bode well for the park play-date I'd scheduled with some of his friends. Most everyone showed up though which was great!

(A note for future cold weather parties ... rice crispy treats do not do well in the cold!)

Weekend family gathering for Luke's birthday -- the first time both our parents have been together since our wedding day nearly 8 years ago!

Easter Sunday -- all ready to go to church but our Jeep wouldn't start and our neighbors couldn't get it jumped :(

Little exploring of our area -- lovely town of Troy, playing at the park with Papa and hiking at Phillips Farm Park.

Goodbye to Nana & Papa! (Snow again, of course!)

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