Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

The lilacs here (and so so many other flowers) are in wonderful, FULL bloom and although these don't last long as cut flowers, I can't resist bringing them inside and enjoying their lovely beauty and scent.

Jason (& Luke) got me an awesome (albeit non-traditional) gift today ... a bicycle!! I'm super excited as I haven't had a bike since we moved back from China and miss it a ton. We're hoping to move into town before the beginning of the next school year which among other things will give us access to miles and miles of bike trails. Woo-hoo!

We had a fun surprise a few days ago -- I glanced out the kitchen window to see this guy coming out of the bushes. I ran to get Luke and Jason, then my camera ...

... when he headed out of window-view range, I couldn't resist running outside to catch a few more shots (keeping the jeep between us). Why do bears look sooo cuddly??

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