Friday, May 29, 2015

Into a whole new kind of housing

Since Jason & I have been married we've lived in:

- a Harlem brownstone
- a Palau tent cabin
- a Shanghai villa
- a Vermont barn
- a Guatemala studio
- an Idaho carriage house

And now .....

... a FEMA trailer!!


Jason got a Forestry Internship at Priest Lake, Idaho (one of his top-top places in the world to camp) and they provide us with a FEMA trailer leftover from hurricane Katrina to live {rent free!} We are stoked! Not only has God blessed Jason with an opportunity to get some valuable experience in his future career field, but we get to live in a gorgeous location and not have to worry about coming up with rent. We feel incredibly blessed.

Plus, there's the added bonus of adding to our list of interesting housing to have lived in. Obviously, there may be some drawbacks to the arrangement, but we are truly thrilled at God's incredibly provision for us.

We get to live walking distance from the edge of this!!

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