Saturday, August 22, 2015

A quick house tour

We've been in our new space a week and are making some slow progress toward getting settled in. It's challenging to get settled without furniture to unload our belongings into, so collecting a few pieces of furniture has been a bit of a priority while trying to make the space a little more livable. I don't think it's really recommended to be moving into a fixer-upper at 8 months pregnant with a two year old, but it IS an adventure of sorts :)

The house has one fairly major issue/repair (very, very OLD electrical wiring) and then lots and lots of things on the more cosmetic side that are a result of poor upkeep/tenant abuse. We are thankful that these seem to be the only problems in this ~ 90 year old house and to have a place that is a livable space even while needing work.

Short hallway with bedrooms and bathroom - the bathroom is one of the sadder rooms at the moment.

The second bedroom, which will be shared by Luke & #2 ... came with a built-in queen size loft bed and this lovely "built-in" closet ...

The larger of the two bedrooms which will be our room. Our favorite feature ... that the mail slot comes right into the bedroom! 

A few of the random things left behind by the rental tenants.

Fenced backyard (woo-hoo!) in need of some serious love --

And .... the scary basement. Has less than 6 foot ceilings and thousands of spider webs, but comes with a washer/dryer (thank you!) and will be something we can hopefully transform into a usable space.

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