Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Simple Summer Days

Since getting settled in here, I've been reveling at how good it has felt to be here and been trying a little bit to understand why it feels so good (besides the fact we're living at a vacation destination rent-free!)

I realized right away that a big part of it was that we have fewer belongings here. Our trailer was just partially furnished with beds, table, chairs & sofas and since we moved here "only" with our Jeep (see picture below of how loaded it was!), we had to be fairly minimal with what we brought. Oddly enough, that has simplified life. It's strange to me since we've gone through this packing and moving process SO many times, you'd think I'd remember how much better I feel with fewer belongings and yet it seems in most scenarios, if I can, I do collect more stuff -- ironically, in order to make life easier.

Outside of the spectacular beauty of this place and the host of recreational opportunities right out our door, the people have been incredibly inclusive which was unexpected from such a small, tight-knit community. Luke has made several friends and I am thankful to have found the same.

Lastly, this is the first summer in our eight years of our marriage that we've had our own place to live. Every other summer has generally involved us being virtually homeless combined with a lot of travel so that we could visit and stay with family/friends. It was certainly super fun, but not always the most relaxing. With that being our history, this summer feel amazingly relaxing in spite of needing to move twice.

Moving day -- the Jeep was riding very low in the back and Luke not sure what to make of his small nook.

What we've been up to the past couple weeks since Jason returned from his fire duty...

Free ice cream at our local marina & cowboy day at the library

Canoeing from Lionhead State Park -- perhaps the prettiest beach on the lake.

Watching airplanes (probably Luke's favorite past time)

Luke getting to check out one of the fire helicopters --

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