Saturday, October 31, 2015

Main Street Trick-or-Treat in Moscow

Our kiddos got to celebrate Halloween yesterday as Moscow's Main St businesses were hosting an afternoon of trick-or-treating. Jason & I had been debating whether we'd "do" Halloween in general as a family, but we'd been given costumes for both the kids and Moscow's Main St is one of the things I love about this little town. I'll admit, I'm super glad that we decided to go. Luke was SO into it and it was really fun to be with other families downtown. (As a kid living basically in the country, trick-or-treating consisted of our parents driving us to homes of people we knew ... being able to walk door-to-door was a totally different experience)

Luke had a dragon costume from his Aunt Mel and Mabel had been given a candy corn outfit from some of our sweet friends here - the Otto's. 

This is Luke when we got home (after having ONE starburst square during the whole evening) -- running around the yard like crazy. So thankful to have a yard!


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Lori said...

Super cute pics!

Allison said...

What a fun, festive afternoon! Those pics of Luke sprinting around the yard are hilarious! Much love to your beautiful family.