Saturday, February 27, 2016

Living room -- updated

We've very slowly been getting our living room together. Since we moved in we've been on the hunt for a used couch that hadn't been exposed to pets or smoking. Not an easy task! Last month we finally found one that was in our price range!! Hurrah! With the addition of a real couch, our living room has suddenly started looking like maybe grown-ups could live here.

Here's what the living room looked like before we bought the house --

When we moved in things were better -- the room looks pretty nice but what you don't notice is the window trim (see all that black?), the 3 curtain rods tacked in a row right onto the trim, the food (?) stains on the ceiling, the missing outlet & light switch covers or the 20-30 hardware holes in the walls that needed patching & painting.

After living in the space for over seven months, it's finally starting to feel like a home.

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