Friday, March 4, 2016

Our next {summertime} adventure!

This summer Jason & I will be doing something we have never done before in our nearly 9 years of marriage ...

... we will be staying PUT for the summer  ... in Moscow, Idaho.  This is the first time we will ever have stayed this long in one place without at least a summer full of travel in between.

Sorta weird and boring and a bit anticlimactic. Agreed. But a welcome change for us in light of the anticipated challenges of moving twice again this summer with two children in tow.

I do find myself wondering if we'll be going a bit stir-crazy come June with all this stability ;-)

Jason's been blessed to find an internship about 45 minutes from where we live, so we'll get to enjoy our little home and Moscow in a warmer season (and without the 10,000+ college students running around). We're working on planning a few small adventures for the summer so things don't feel too boring, but all in all, are of course incredibly thankful that God has provided Jason with an internship which will give him the variety of experience he needs and that we'll get to make some summertime memories in our home/community, skipping out on the crazy stress of a move. (We'll save that for May 2017 when Jason hopefully finishes his program!!!)  

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Unknown said...

I think having two under five will keep you from being bored :)