Friday, March 25, 2016

Mabel goes to California

Last week for Mabel's 6 month birthday she got to go on her first airplane ride and travel all the way to California (securely attached to me!).  Jason had kindly offered to watch Luke for part of his school spring break so that I could have a getaway to California, introducing Mabel to the rest of my family and meeting my newest niece. Mabel was a great traveler and the trip now seems like such a speedy blur, but we had a great time. California was so alive and green and blooming and WARM (by comparison to Idaho). Having not been home for nearly two years and not for Spring in ten years, it really was fabulous.

My sister, Bonnie met us at the airport on San Jose and we quickly made our way to Santa Cruz for a walk along the ocean. Do I look happy or what?

Waking up the next morning to my parents lovely front yard ... and my Dad entertaining Mabel with his glasses :)

Cousins, Emma & Mabel together :)

Beach time in Cambria --

Family nearly all together for the first time in almost four years -- only Jason and Luke were missing :(

One last afternoon at the beach in Morro Bay with my parents and Bonnie's family -- not exactly a super warm day there, but not knowing when I'll be at the coast again I wanted to soak it UP!


Unknown said...

Looks like a wonderful trip, Carrie! The ocean looks so beautiful. Glad to see Mabel likes her hat! :)

Shan in Japan said...

I haven't been on here for too long and I must owe you a letter, but fun to read your updates, see your cuties, and see how you are thriving. :)