Monday, April 11, 2016

Feeling exhausted --

I know that pretty much everyone feels tired, but I have to admit having two kids + a husband in school has really kicked up my level of tired. As Jason enters his busiest month of the semester (and is realizing that taking 21 units might have been a bad idea) we are both wondering how we're going to make it through the next couple weeks?

We've had fabulous weather lately -- temperatures up into the 70's! Woo-hoo and SUNSHINE which certainly helps give me more energy and a much better attitude. Plus Mabel does occasionally sleep through the night which is amazing (unfortunately, Luke somehow chooses those nights to wake up with terrors or toileting needs, etc)

Needless to say on top of normal life stuff, we've had other {good} things adding to life & our level of exhaustion
-- electricians spending over a week re-wiring our entire house (during which we really couldn't be in the house and were really, really thankful to have a car especially since we were still having days of rain/snow/sleet/hail)
-- Easter in Spokane with Jason's family
-- Spring finally arriving which means spending time in our yard actually feels like fun instead of torture ... but it's also making us realize just HOW MUCH work we need to do to our house, and
-- Luke turned three.

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