Monday, April 25, 2016

Smelling like Spring

The past few weeks we've had some warmer weather which has brought SO SO many flowers into bloom that I have been lovin' life! Being outside when it isn't freezing/snowing/sleeting is such a pleasure!

Last week the lilacs started to open their blooms up and now every time I step outside the air smells gloriously of them. Even though they don't last long inside, I haven't been able to help myself and have been bringing them inside anyway.  One thing the long, yucky winter is good for -- creating amazing lilacs and awesome tulips (and a host of other flowers)!

We've had a variety of things growing and surprising us with their beauty in our yard, making us realize that someone did love this place before even if it seems no one had loved it lately.

We are really thankful to Jason's Dad for providing us with a whole box of some of his own tulip bulbs in the Fall. We have such a variety of colors blooming, it's really lovely.

Our sweet landlady from our first Idaho home thoughtfully purchased and planted Princess Irene bulbs (created during WWII for the Dutch princess) along the front of our house.

The path through our yard has been covered by apple blossoms looking like huge snowflakes.

I've been bringing tulips into the house by the arm load and we still have a yard full of them -- heavenly!

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Shan in Japan said...

Oh my goodness! How lovely! I found a little path in my park that has lilacs and walked through it every day they were blooming just to stoop over and smell them and remember my childhood yard filled with them.
And, Mabel! Oh what a darling!
Love and prayers from Japan!