Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bathroom makeover - part 2 ... the counter top

We've continued to make progress in our bathroom, slow progress, but progress nonetheless. The latest has been to figure out what in the world to do with our pastel tile counter top. Ugh.  Pretty hideous, especially with the new paint color.

Since (as always) we're on a budget, we figured it couldn't hurt to try the $25 Tub & Tile Refinisher first. Although it was VERY strong smelling and a bit stressful making sure we followed all the steps so that we wouldn't botch the application, we're pretty pleased with the results. Not perfect, but much much improved -- we think :)

Vanity area now looking a bit more like a real bathroom -- besides the tile refinish and the paint on the walls, we've added a light fixture & mirror (both were nonexistent when we moved in) and replaced the broken/leaky faucet. Next task: the flooring.

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