Friday, January 13, 2017

Having a REAL winter

These days dump trucks full of snow go past our house all day long. I think that when snow is being hauled off by the dump truck load, you're having a real winter. And I love it.

The past two winters we've spent in Idaho have had some snow, but overall been dreary and brown. This winter has been awesome -- it's been snowy and cold and beautiful and fun (maybe less fun for Jason who's done the majority of the shoveling). The brightness and the beauty that the snow creates is really lovely and it makes me happy :)

Nearby at Moscow Mountain -- in early December, I can only imagine how much more snow they've gotten since then.

Even at night, the snow creates so much light!

Luke is a big fan of the icicles :)

On sunny, cold days, things are especially beautiful! The snow sparkles like thousands of diamonds.

And we've even been getting some beautiful sunsets!

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