Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Looking at the bend in the road

I was just today thinking about the fact that here we are once again ... with what seems to be an unknown future. We move from Leavenworth on September 17th, but we don't know yet where we'll be moving TO. Kinda tricky.

We know that God has this situation and us in His hands. He has certainly cared for us in the past, taking us to amazing places with wonderful people, so we do not fear as we wait; but, we're definitely feeling very ready to know what will be next. All the what-ifs are starting to feel very exhausting.

What we do know as far as possibilities go is that Jason's applied for jobs all over the US and some across the globe.
He's interviewed for jobs with:
- a conservation group in the Black Hills region of S. Dakota
- a timber company in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
- the US Forest Service's International Division
- and, has one scheduled with his current employer on Monday for a position in Southern Washington

Quite a variety and we feel blessed that he has had these interviews.

Now we wait and see; enjoying the incredibly good life that we have in this moment (while Jason keeps applying for other jobs as they come up).

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