Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Lovin' our lazy Leavenworth days

We have been having a GREAT summer in Leavenworth. Thoroughly enjoying {every.single.day} the spectacular scenery all around us along with the unexpected, added bonus of a cool, local community and a really awesome church to attend. We continue to be so so thankful for our summer here.

August has been a busy month ... Jason and I both turned another year older, we traveled to Coeur d'Alene for Jason's interview & spent a couple nights in Spokane to hang out with his family; and now, he's been gone for several days attending interviews in other locations while working longer hours when he is here to make up the lost time. It's busier than we'd like, but we've had a lot of really good outdoor time together as a family and we are delighted that he has interviews to go to :)

We were excited to find this closed campground which has made a perfect place to ride bikes with the kids. Luke is now on a regular pedal bike and loving it!

The kids next to some of the local flower baskets (those are some BIG baskets!) and taking an impromptu shower in the draining water (gross!)

The Wenatchee River is such an awesome crystal clear, green color now!

With the river's water level receding, a beach has emerged that's within walking distance from our condo. We affectionately call it "mud beach" because there is so much silt mixed in with the sand that the kids always come home filthy; but, we love having this awesome place for them to play!

Loving watching these silly kids grow up --

Celebrating aging :)
Jason had the kids help him make me breakfast -- brave man.

And a trip East for Jason to do an interview & us to get to spend some time with family. Yes, Luke's in that (grumpy photo face) stage ... sigh.

Something that I have thoroughly enjoyed in Leavenworth is the Little Explorers group that meets each Wednesday in an outdoor location, ready to let the kids run/explore at their own pace. It's been a great way to see the area from people who've lived here longer than us and a perfect connection point with other local moms.

This one was a hike to Hidden Lake near Lake Wenatchee ....

Afternoons at Lake Wenatchee & Lake Chelan have been awesome!

Our church here has been unexpectedly awesome. Having gone through the church hunt before, we had pretty low expectations for our summer church home. Our first try was picked because it was walking distance from our house, started fairly early and had kids activities. Although it is a much more traditional setting than where we'd attended in Moscow, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the teaching & the great staff. Since we're here just for the summer, we decided to end our search at that and we have been so glad we did.

Last week the church held their baptism service and it just seemed to be exactly how baptism services should be. At the river, with all of us celebrating together and then sitting down to a potluck-picnic in a beautiful orchard.

Leavenworth is going to be a tough place to say goodbye to. It's been an incredible summer and we feel so fortunate to have gotten to live here.

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