Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Moving again .... to (perhaps) the most random place yet!

That's right, I NEVER imagined we would be relocating to this place when Jason began his permanent job search months ago. Even for us, it's incredibly random ...

image from here

Nicknamed the coyote state, it's the home of the only corn palace and the tallest mountains east of the Rockies ... but is probably most well-known for those Mt. Rushmore faces!

Yes! We are moving to South Dakota!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's pretty much the opposite of where I'd been hoping to live (my idea was somewhere tropical - Hawaii, Guam, PR or overseas). But, it's a reminder that God has a sense of humor :)

Jason's job is also incredibly random -- we've affectionately been calling it the "turkey job" because he'll be working as a Forester for the National Wild Turkey Federation. Gobble gobble! This conservation group seems like a fantastic employer and the job is a great fit for Jason's skills & personality; and best of all, it seems like he will actually like what he is doing! Hurrah! That's what the past three years have been all about. Super thankful for God's provision in this!

Now to all those pesky moving details, like finding a place to live and how to get there with our stuff :)


Alli said...

So happy for you and this next adventure! Way to go, Jason!

Anonymous said...

What a fun new adventure! Excited for you guys. Miss and love ya.
From, Sarah Mahaffy