Friday, March 9, 2018

Making friends

For the first few months after we moved here, I wasn't ready to put myself out on the friend-market again. Leaving amazing friends in Moscow, to find more awesome friends in Leavenworth and then leave them as well made me want to just take a break from all that relationship building entails.

In December, I realized my break in this area was really hard for Luke. Our super-social boy who loves playing hard with other kids had been left with just me and Mabel for months. In January I started making an effort to plan playdates with folks we'd met through the library, MOPS and in our neighborhood. Luke is happier and it is good for all of us, but boy is friend-dating exhausting!

I am thankful for the women that God is placing in my life, especially the Mom's of these kiddos. We each have one 4 year old and one 2 year old ... and, they all play well together (most the time!)

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