Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Watching Luke turn 5!!

Luke turned 5 on Monday and I have to admit, it has felt like a big milestone. For us and for him. He's officially out of the baby/toddler years and that is crazy. We feel so fortunate to have him be part of our lives. We know he is a special gift and we are thankful for him.

I'll admit, I did feel a bit badly as I had very little time to prep for his birthday -- we've been working on our new house for the past two weeks during any/every moment we could, then moved our stuff Friday, cleaned our old home on Saturday, had Easter on Sunday and then his birthday Monday. Whew! It was quite a blur.

We felt really glad that in spite of the start to some more terrible weather ...

... Luke still had 7 of his friends come out for a playdate to celebrate him. Another special gift, the Outdoor Campus (which has a wonderful indoor area for kids) was closed on Monday, but the security guard had been given clearance to have it open and let us all in!! So so thankful for that kind man.

After seeing pictures of a "rainbow cake," Luke had requested the same for his birthday. My attempt was very last minute. It's not the colors of a rainbow, but it's a layer cake with different colors. Pretty good I think considering we're still in the midst of unpacking.

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