Monday, May 14, 2018

Out West

We've been back for a week now from our grand adventure West and are starting to feel somewhat back to normal. We had a great time with Jason's family and then saw sooooo many of our Moscow friends. It was really awesome!

All went pretty smoothly outside of the fact that Luke, Mabel & Jason all had a rotating 24-hr flu :( (with Luke's starting 2 hours into our 14 hour drive out -- it made for a memorable car ride for sure!)

One of the first things we enjoyed on our road trip was seeing "real" mountains again ... we were in awe of our views of the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming, then the Bear Tooth, Rockies and Bitterroots in Montana. What a sight!

Our first destination was Coeur d'Alene -- spending a night with friends, then heading to lakeside condos for two days which Jason's parents had generously provided for the whole family. We were super happy to be back at this gorgeous lake and enjoying family time together!

Next we headed to Spokane with Jason's family for a couple days, visiting my favorite Manito Park and a new playground, Discovery Park, then getting to spend time watching one of his his nieces practice gymnastics.

Next, it was time to catch up with our community in Moscow. Our friends here made us feel incredibly welcome, important and missed. It was a good reminder of what community can look like and an encouragement to keep working on good community here in Rapid City. What a blessing it was to see these amazing people.

Lina, Riley, Kajsa, Luke, Cassius & Mabel

My Bible study group, celebrating April's 42nd birthday -- with Alli & myself not far behind!

With the Moore kids -- Casper, Malcom, Luke, Everly, Briar & Mabel

At the Fountain's house -- having our final dinner in Moscow, with the Fountain clan racing the subaru as we left :)

Felt super happy to get to attend the first Moscow Farmer's Market of the season -- one of our favorite places!

One final beach date on our way back East -- spending time with family & friends in Coeur d'Alene

Last views of the mountains as we head East and home

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