Thursday, January 24, 2019

Ringing in the New Year

Now that January is nearing it's end, I guess it's time to acknowledge the new year finally? With the very s-l-o-w recovery rate from our holiday sickness, the past two weeks of feeling "normal" have just been pure catch-up from the weeks we were down.

In spite of sickness, we still managed to have a small New Years Eve party with the kids (with homemade confetti of course), and then on the First we went for a lovely drive in the Black Hills and a quick play in the snow at a campground.
Happy New Year! (@ 8:30 pm)

New Years Day ... just thankful to have the strength to get out for a little bit and enjoy the beauty around us.

Freezing fog leaves ice crystals everywhere, Luke learns about electrical circuitry,
Mabel says she's mailing herself (&owl) to California. Lunchtime creations. Luke becomes an expert at shoveling. . 
Feed to Fish day at the outdoor campus' 4,600 gallon aquarium & we enjoy a sunny, wind-free 60 degree day at the park in the middle of winter!

Another first ... ice cream cones that they didn't have to share! 

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