Thursday, December 27, 2018

A Merry {sickie} Christmas

Our Christmas was a bit different than expected.  I'd been fighting a cold for the past week that turned for the worse and took me completely off my feet on Christmas Eve...just as Jason also started struggling with the beginnings of the same cold. Only the kids fared well and with their Christmas enthusiasm were even more energetic than their usual selves. :)

I am very thankful Jason's employer closes for the week and that he is able to be home. We have been able to sort of trade off on parenting & house chores to keep things semi-sane around here. And in spite of sickness, we were able to have some very sweet moments with the kids and had a lovely Christmas Day -- albeit with oatmeal for dinner.  As we walk with friends/family who are going through difficult loss or serious health situations, we know we have so much to be grateful for.

Even though this time of year can make us feel really removed from our family and friends, we can appreciate that our aloneness allows the kids to move through Christmas day at their own pace. Of their own accord, each gift that was opened was played with (some for hours) before the next was opened. This would be very difficult if we had a schedule to keep, but for us it was a beautiful way to spend the day as a family. We were opening the last gifts just before bed.

Heading out to church with Jason on Christmas Eve for 'Carols, Cocoa & Cookies'

Ready for Christmas morning ... complete with Guatemalan nativity scene. 

Christmas morning -- getting into stockings, playing checkers on the handmade board from Jason & crafting with new supplies.

Mabel wearing her gift from Luke -- butterfly wings!
I still managed to get at least our Christmas Tree Coffeecake made :)

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