Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Getting through another week without Dad

Jason returned late Sunday from another work trip - 6 days this time. Winter is a challenging time to be without Jason. With every day well below freezing, it's hard for me to feel motivated to get out and help the kids burn off energy outside, which means they are just more wild inside. With the cold weather, plus my injured hand and fighting a mild cold, we didn't do as much "fun" stuff as we've done before. This was more just a survive the week mentality. Survive we did and still managed to make some nice memories too.

Let's see. We celebrated Valentine's Day Monday with Jason since was going to be gone. While he was away, we decorated sugar cookies at a friend's house, got to go to Free Swim with friends at the YMCA, had friends over to play, went to MOPS, made snow piles to jump into (it's so cold, the snow is very fluffy), had friends over for brunch, played at the Outdoor Campus & also the Library, made hand/footprint cards, made deviled eggs, ate pizza, hot dogs and macaroni and watched Winnie the Pooh. And an added bonus, the jeep started everyday but the last. Whew!

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