Saturday, March 30, 2019

Having our own 'March Madness'

This month has gone by in a bit of a blur --
  • With some tax refund money in hand, we've been able to restart some house projects that have been on hold for nearly a year. It feels great to be getting close to finishing work on at least one room in our house (the bathroom!).
  • In the midst of this, we got to experience winter storm "Ulmer" (a bomb cyclone) which meant Jason had two days with his office being closed and we were all house-bound together. 
  • We celebrated a very random holiday, Casmir Polaski Day with an introduction to all kinds of delicious homemade Polish food with some fun friends, the Bruno family. Perogies, potato pancakes, polish sausage, sauerkraut, braised cabbage, caramelized onions and even paczki (Polish donuts!) So so delicious!
  • Jason and I got to go on our second date of the year (woo-hoo!) and see our first movie in a theater in SIX years! We saw 'Free Solo' which was a-mazing!
  • And then! As the snow drifts cleared, it seemed Spring actually started to arrive! We've even had a few days outside without snow gear. Awesome!
  • Twice this month, we experienced the incredible generosity of a neighbor who passed on a large number of really, really nice children's games, crafts, books, activities and toys.
  • I got to have my first overnight away from kids since before Mabel was born, a really lovely 18-hour local MOPS retreat. Kind of surreal.
  • And to top it all off, we had some fantastic friends from Idaho stop in for a weekend as they headed East on a road trip. They brought special foods/drinks to share with us and treated our whole family to a day at our local indoor water park. So much fun! So thankful to get to continue to make memories with their family.
A few snow drifts in our yard post-winter storm Ulmer. 

What to do during a blizzard--stay in PJ's, read books, puzzle and accept amazing hand-me-down toys from neighbors!

Celebrating Casmir Polaski Day! YUM!
Playing with good friends, Evelyn & Fiona
Growing pinto beans in a ziploc in our kitchen window.
How to garden when everything is cold & snowy.

Enjoying some time on our local walking path on one of our recent "warm" days.

Enjoying a free cone at Dairy Queen for the first day of Spring -- poor Luke had been feeling sick beforehand
and got really sick afterwards for several days. Mabel wanted to curl up on the couch 'just like Luke' even
though she wasn't sick.

Fun playdates with friends

Idaho friends Brynn, Connor, Merritt, Luke & Mabel ... all enjoying some olives on their fingers.

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