Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Having a VERY fun week - with visitors, a 6th birthday & getting away for 57 hours!

We just had what for us was a very busy (and super awesome) week!

It started when our Idaho friends, the Hayes family mentioned they might be able to stop in again as they headed home (woo-hoo!). They spent the night and were able to celebrate Luke's birthday morning with us. Such a perfect start to his big day!

Later on that day, we had a play date with Luke's Rapid City friends and then a family party in the evening (complete with "minion" cake per Luke's request).

Then ... it was time for me to get ready to go on a two-day women's weekend retreat with our church - all the way in Bozeman, Montana!! Woo-hoo :) It was really, really good to get some space from the kids and get re-grounded; with an amazing, added bonus -- my very good friend from high school, drove 10-hours round trip to hang out with me for a few hours during the retreat. SUCH a special treat to see and catch up with Gail.

And now, just as our rhubarb, lemon balm and bulbs were starting to come alive, we're in the middle of yet another snow storm! Ahhh!
Luke picked Lucky Charms for his birthday breakfast - a first for him and now he's hooked!

We were incredibly blessed by a friend who helped us find a new {used} bike for Luke for FREE!

A birthday playdate at the Outdoor Campus 

Making a Minion cake -- got a pretty late start on my preparations, but got it finished before Luke went to bed!

Love those Montana mountains, the Rapid City ladies at the Retreat and especially seeing my amazing friend, Gail!!

Spring in Rapid City -- one day it's warm and things are starting the grow, the next day we're in the middle of a winter again.

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