Monday, September 30, 2019

Ending our summer road-trip (WA --> SD)

It was great to be reunited with Jason for Labor Day Weekend in Spokane with his family. His arrival also marked the near end to my grand summer adventure and I felt really disheartened by that. Living in S. Dakota the past two years has felt very isolating and while I knew we needed to return home, I was not feeling at all ready yet.

We had a nice weekend with Jason's family, enjoying dinners together with his parents, sister and nieces, going for a hike at the Iller Creek Conservation Area, attending church and meeting up with long-time friends, the Sandins, for a wonderful day at Coeur d'Alene Lake.

We left very early Monday morning to make the drive home in one shot. I realized as we started out that we would be missing the pretty part of the drive because it wasn't light yet. Bummer. We made decent time and got home 15 hours later. Hurray! Walking in the front door I realized I had forgotten how nice our little home is. It IS home. And Jason had been very busy working on DIY projects while we are away -- quite a labor of love which made for a sweet homecoming.
Picking strawberries in the garden with Mimi. Yum!

Beautiful hike with the grandparents.

A few photos with the whole family after church services.
These kids! Oh my heart :)

A lakeside picnic at Coeur d'Alene Lake with Jason's parents and the Sandins. 

Fun at the lake

A little extra fun at the Sandin's home, 4-wheeling, trampolining and strawberry picking!

A few more good shots from Marilyn :)

The long road home -- sunrise from the road, picnicking in Montana & enjoying a final "birthday" coffee to get us through!

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