Saturday, September 21, 2019

Summer Road-tripping (SD --> CA)

This summer we got the amazing opportunity to spend time with family and friends in California. I hadn't been home (or seen the ocean!) in over two years and was really, really thankful to get a chance to be there.

My parents were coming up on their 50th wedding anniversary and had planned a family camp-out at San Simeon beach. Wonderful!

Jason, the kids & I made the 1,500 mile trek to California; spending a fantastic evening in Utah with friends we knew from when we lived in Vermont. We had not seen them since we left six years ago. Ada was Luke's very first friend as a baby and it was a delight to see them together again, six years later.

We got to spend a week in California together -- spending lots of time with family and making many trips to the beach -- then Jason flew back to S. Dakota to work while the kids and I stayed West for an extended visit. It was really hard/sad to not be able to have Jason stay on with us, but it was incredibly life-giving for me to have an extended time with people and places that I love and I am so grateful for that opportunity.
Views from Day One on the road -- SD-WY-UT

Ada, Luke, Mabel & Abel! 

Day Two on the road -- UT-AZ-NV-CA

Hanging out with Cousin Emma!

First day at the beach in over two years!!!! A chilly day, but a wonderful time with my sister and two of her boys!

Jason's Birthday -- a great day! A kid-free delicious Thai lunch + hike
together at Montana de Oro, then grilled steaks with the family,
complete with my Mom's amazing lemon meringue pie!!

Pictures my Aunt Lori took while we walked the Bob Jones Trail together in Avila Beach.

No trip to CA is really complete without a meal at In-N-Out Burger!

The beginning of the Hazell Family Roundup @ San Simeon Beach.

Everyone together for the first time in almost three years!

Cousin and grandparent time -- around the campsite and at the beach.

A morning of fishing and exploring at W.R. Hearst Memorial Beach. 
Plus a peek at the elephant seal rookery in the off season.

All too soon we were saying goodbye to Jason at the airport. 

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