Monday, August 24, 2020


August is a great month for celebrations for us as both Jason & I have our birthdays. This year Jason was off work for both our birthdays and we got to enjoy family days at two different local lakes. It was really great and we are grateful to get to live in such a pretty place with easy access to outdoor recreation.

The start of the Sturgis motorcycle rally coincided with Jason's birthday, so we really wanted to find a place that was free of the near-constant rumbling of motorcycles and a place that wouldn't feel busy. We popped the canoe onto the jeep and headed to Deerfield Lake. It is just enough off the beaten path that there were only 4-5 other groups there and with the 5 mile-an-hour boat speed limit, it was very peaceful. After getting our fill, we headed home to grill some delicious steaks (in the middle of a thunderstorm) and gorge ourselves on Mile-High Mud Pie. Amazingly delicious!

Mabel even caught a tiny fish! 

For my big day, we headed down to Angostura since it's the only local lake with actual beachy type sand. We went down early to beat the ski boat folks a bit and had a wonderful beach day together. We followed it up by a fun afternoon in our backyard with take out from a local Indian/Nepalese restaurant and a frozen "strawberry fluff" dessert after. It was great!

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