Saturday, August 1, 2020

Getting out of dodge

With the arrival of covid-19 this year, we didn't expect to be travelling at all this summer. So when some Idaho friends asked if we wanted to meet up in Montana for a campout together, we were thrilled!  In true Carrie form, I had to look and see who else might just be in the vicinity to hang out with as well. We found one other family not too far away and made plans for a camping visit to their home town and then were excited when Jason's family also made plans to meet up with us for several days -- near one of the gateways to Yellowstone! 

Our first stop was to Salmon, Idaho where we got to camp right on the Salmon River (and have the campground all to ourselves!) It was really great to see Kaitlyn, a friend from my Moscow MOPS group. Kaitlyn's husband was going through school at the same time as Jason, so she & I connected easily and have continued to keep in touch since we left three years ago. It was fabulous to see her and her family.

Our second stop was near Anaconda, Montana (a surprisingly cute town) and a really beautiful campground, tucked into the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest. It was awesome to see our friends who initiated this whole trip and great for all the kids to get to be together -- Luke & Connor have been friends since they were two! The only downer was that it rained nearly the entire time. With temperatures in the upper 30's and 40's, it made for some pretty unpleasant tent camping. Luckily for us, the Hayes family had just purchased a camper, so we were at least able to get out of the cold and wet at times, but it just wasn't what we'd hoped for with the kiddos. 

Our last destination was in beautiful Paradise Valley, just north of Yellowstone to meet up with Jason's family at a lovely rental home. It was really great to see all of them and especially fun to get to explore the area together. And, we had MUCH better weather, hurray! :)
On the road again!
A quick stop at the spectacular Grand Tetons National Park - amazing!!

Camping alongside the Salmon River - 

So much fun with friends!

A great day at the river together!
On to Montana for more camping -- super beautiful, but so so wet!

One afternoon without rain - so lovely!

Drying out at a KOA campground cabin and spending a day with just us. 

Yellowstone National Park with Jason's family 

Riding to see Old Faithful with Grandma Marilyn in the backseat - the kids LOVED it!

More amazing sights at Yellowstone

Passage Creek Falls hike -- Mabel needed to turn back early, so she & I missed the falls, but they look beautiful! 

Fun times around the beautiful house Jarvis & Marilyn rented for all of us. 

4th of July fireworks fun :)

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