Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Turtle Days

Jason's Dad grew up on a farm in Turtle Lake, North Dakota - every year the small town holds a Turtle Days festival which serves as a time for the family and many family friends from the area to get together. We drove to North Dakota in one day - it took us 16 hours on the way out! Here are some photos from our weekend ...


Rusty the Turtle - Turtle Lake, North Dakota's mascot!

This is the Schlafmann family farm ... acres and acres of grain and corn. The small shed looking building on the right is where Jason's dad was born and where the family lived for some years before building the larger house on the right.

The Turtle Days festivities began with a parade down main street - it seemed that the only requirement to be in the parade was that you would throw candy out to the waiting children...made for a lot of "interesting" participants.

Soap-box car races!

The Turtle Races - 192 turtles raced each other - 8 at a time. Bailey's turtle "lassie" took 2nd place in the first round, but was beat out in the quarter finals :(
A Sunday afternoon in the park ....

An evening with Elsie ... unfortunately, her mind wasn't very clear and she didn't always recognize Jason which was pretty heart-breaking, but she had no problem challenging us to a game of cards!

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Molly W. said...

Ahh, so fun! And whats the scoop on Morrocco?!!