Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Visit from an Egyptian!

My friend Christy came for a visit two weekends ago from California ... we spent a little time trying to figure what year we actually met in our small group through Lake Ave Church - we think it was 2002 or 2003. She'd been to NYC before, so we got to do more non-touristy activities with her and had a great time!

Since this was Christy's first time in Harlem...we walked down to the Apollo theater - 'where stars are born and legends are made.' We got an informal tour from the lobby security guard which was very fun!

We took a trip out to Yankee Stadium to see it one last time before it's torn down and the Yankees move to their new home, about 100 feet away...
The traditional Sunday cupcake run - we went to Two Little Red Hens and they had delicious cupcakes!

Since Christy had spent a year in Heidelberg, she had to grab a picture in front of it's namesake restaurant!
We got caught in a BIG thunder shower as we walked through Central Park - gotta love summer in New York!

Watching Yael Naim (sings the Apple, airmac song) at the Central Park Summer Stage! Awesome way to end the weekend!


Will said...

Funnn!!!! :) That's so like Tongan weather to be sunny, then rain! Yael Naim is awesome :) She sings the Toxic cover much better than Britney Spears. Glad to hear you guys are still having fun there!!

Molly W. said...

Love that umbrella pic! I want you to be my NYC tour guide!