Monday, October 13, 2008

24 cans of green beans for $5.00

Sooo...our trip to Koror last weekend turned out very differently than we'd hoped, but that is sort of typical :). The boat goes to the capitol each week on Thursday & returns on Friday and then every other week it does an additional trip on Sunday with a return on Monday. We took the Sunday boat and had been told by ALL of the boat crew (including the captain) that the boat would actually be coming back to Angaur on Tuesday morning. So, when we arrived Sunday night around 6, we didn't rush around too much, deciding to take care of our grocery shopping, home repair shopping and internetting on Monday...bad choice.

We called the State office Monday morning around 10 to make sure all was still the same and were informed that the boat would be leaving at NOON! Not good. We got a ride to the grocery store and did a 40 minute power shop in which we spent more than I have EVER spent in one shop, buying several cases of different kinds of food. The green beans were my best find!

Sadly, we didn't get to the internet OR to the ACE store for house repair stuff...We'd hoped to be able to make it 2 months before returning back to the capitol (mostly due to the expense of going there & spending the night, etc) ... we'll see how we do :) We're just glad to have at least gotten our food as we were getting pretty low!


Molly W. said...

YIKES!! Sorry friend! I'm glad you got what you needed though. sigh...can anything be easy over there?! :)

Swanson Girls said...

Hey guys! Great pictures. We were excited to see them and hear from you. Love you lots.
Mel and family

Swanson Girls said...

Hey guys, great to hear from you! Love the picture and glad all is well. We love and miss you lots.
Mel and family