Thursday, October 30, 2008

An ambulance ride...

Jason & I both got the pleasure (?) of riding in our island's ambulance this past weekend. Thankfully, not because we were hurt! We'd been attending a celebration BBQ with the rest of our village -- can I tell you how GOOD BBQ chicken tastes? -- and it started completely pouring about the time we were wanting to head home. One of the shadier characters here waved Jason over and told him he'd have someone given us a ride ... of course we later find out, he really didn't have the authority to be offering us a ride, but since we were standing there, one of the State workers took pity on us and gave us a ride in the AMBULANCE all the way to our house. It was great to not get drenched on the 30 minute walk home, but a bit embarrassing to have everyone in the village watch us climb into the huge ambulance for a ride home!

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