Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Doing Actual Work - part 2

I'll just start off by saying that Jason gets to do the bulk of the really fun jobs!

Like ... sweeping all the pine needles off the roof

... treating the house with pesticides ...

To treat the inside, we get to move all the furniture and food outside onto our deck! Luckily, most the furtiture is pretty light weight!

And, probably Jason's funnest job ... cleaning out the chamber from our composting toilet! Lucky guy!

When we arrived at the house, this is what the one plumbing connector to the water tank looked like. Rendering the shower and indoor sink completely useless. We quickly worked on it & you can see the fixed one below. It was one of our first projects (where as usual, we had no idea what we were doing really) and we were very proud of our work!

My zipper repair project. Most of the zipper pulls for the canvas "walls" at the house are corroded and falling off. When they do, the zipper inevitably pulls completely apart leaving the canvases flapping in the wind and letting rain into the house. Sewing them up was quite tedious! I think I did 6 or so full zippers, then before any more of them could rip open, I stitched fishing line around the bottoms of the remaining 25 or so zippers! Fun stuff!

New ridgecaps had to be put on the house ... you can see how bad these ones were. And we wondered how/why we had some leaks!

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Um...sorry Jason.