Monday, June 15, 2009

Where does the time go?

Officially, our contract here in Angaur ends four weeks from yesterday.

We keep looking at each other, wondering how it has gone so fast??!? We have really loved living here and come to love the people here so much. We are so full-up on God's blessings (to steal a phrase from our friend, Antoinette). We are really looking forward to being home and enjoying being with family & friends ... and of course, enjoying some of those modern conveniences you have over there like electricity & running (hot!) water ... but it is going to be very difficult to leave this incredible place.

We don't know yet where God is leading us after Palau. There's a bend in the road that we don't get to see around, yet. We're excited to learn what He has in-store for us though! We've applied on every continent (except Antartica ... and we may try there too!) and had a few interesting interviews, so we'll see.

Meanwhile, we are trying to just soak up everything about this place so that we can remember it well!

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