Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Date with Eight

On Saturday night, we had our first monthly weekend outing with our kids. They'd chosen to go go-karting (spelled with a "k" here) and out to dinner afterwards. What could be a typical American date-night. Although, most people don't take 6 teenagers with them on their dates! We only had 6 out of our 9 students which was really nice for our first activity with them. Everything went really well ... with the exception of one of our students ordering an alcoholic beverage to drink with dinner and then later trying to set her entire napkin on fire at the table!

Our chariot awaits (how many people get to go to date night in a school bus?):

Nuttanicha (from Thailand) and Michelle (from Italy)

Coco (from Hong Kong) and Jaruwat (from Thailand)

Ready to drive!

Nuttanicha, Michelle, Nuttanutcha (twin sister of Nuttanicha, from Thailand), Jaruwat & Jeff (from Hong Kong)

Students chose to eat at Element Fresh which Jaruwat had been talking about basically since the first week (he loves it!). It was in fact quite delicious!

A little carousing before hopping back onto the school bus and heading home ...


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
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Molly W. said...

Not a bad gig you got there eh? :)

Will said...

It's like you guys have kids already and they're all grown up! haha at the one ordering an alcoholic beverage and trying to set her napkin on fire! That night looked like fun :)