Friday, September 18, 2009

Our own date

While on our "day-off" time last Sunday we decided to visit the Shanghai Propaganda Art Museum after church. On our way there we stumbled across a delightful cafe and enjoyed some coffee that seemed too pretty to drink!

Some of the cute streets we wandered across.

In contrast, and enormous villa and park just a block away.

And, finally arriving in the small, but extremely memorable Shanghai Propoganda Art Museum ... a collection of many original and fairly disturbing posters. Some proclaiming Mao Se Dung as a hero and savior to China, others cheering on anyone who opposed the U.S. and many others.

It wouldn't be China without a few random sightings ...

We came around a corner and I noticed that something smelled like watermelon ... it was in fact many, sadly crushed in the street after a tumble from their truck.

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Molly W. said...

You live in China...SO CRAZY! At least watermelon is a yummy smell. :)