Sunday, November 29, 2009

Marathon Man.

Jason ran his first marathon in China today! In spite of the poor air quality here, he finished with a personal best time at 3 hours 31 minutes!!!

It was an early start ... he left our place at 5:45. Sadly, I couldn't go with him to the starting line since one of us needed to stay here with our young charges until our Sunday coverage person arrived.

I was able to go and wait for him near a half-way point. While I waited, I was appalled (although not entirely surprised) at some of the road rules for racing in Shanghai! At some points, officials stopped all the runners to allow traffic to go through and often even though police officers were telling scooters, bikes and pedestrians to stop they continued right through the running lane, forcing runners to break stride and run around them like a bit of an obstacle course!

Is it a bad thing that my husband looks so happy to be running away from me???

Our lovely friends, Natalie & Ed, joined me at the finish line to cheer Jason home!!

Jason's found some new friends!


Will said...

Even while taking breaks you still manage to beat your personal record? Woot go Jason!! =)

Molly W. said...

Way to go, Jason!