Sunday, February 13, 2011

Island Living

"Our" island as we started referring to Apo was absolutely lovely.  With only 800 people and NO motorized vehicles (except for boats), it was a perfect respite from the noise and chaos of Shanghai, not to mention the cold! 

The village of Apo was really charming and felt incredibly friendly -- many of the houses were made out of bamboo and other natural materials, clothing was hung out to dry on any available surface and prized fighting roosters were everywhere.


The children on Apo were really beautiful and we loved seeing how well they seemed to play together.  On the left below was a Sunday evening impromptu jam session by some of the youths and on the right, we were tickled to see the kids making sand castles together as the sun set. 

The sound of children's laughter was almost a constant during our time on Apo, especially over the weekend when the kids played non-stop in the water - climbing onto any available boat and jumping off the sides.  The sound was so beautiful.

We had gorgeous sunsets nearly every evening with the best saved for our last night --

Saying goodbye on our final morning wasn't easy (I'll admit, I actually cried a little bit), but we had a perfect weather day for our boat ride back.


Unknown said...

Looks like paradise; very happy for the sustainable living on the island! :)

Kim said...

what a beautiful trip... I"m so glad you were feeling good enough to enjoy most of it!!!

Molly W. said...

Glad you had a good time, friend.