Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finding New Life

One of the bonuses to living in a place that feels bitterly cold for several months each year is how absolutely wonderful it is when Spring begins to arrive!  Ahhh!  I love it!  The contrast of the bright, new flowers to the ugly, dead, grey landscape is so cool!  Watching what appeared dead come to life so brilliantly is really inspiring.

We've needed some inspiration this week ... our most challenging student decided to sneak out of the dorm on Saturday night.  Luckily, we found out and we were able to get him back without too much hassle; but this week there has been a lot of back and forth with him, his parents and the co-principals at our school trying to find a reasonable consquence/solution.  He's two months from graduation, so wasn't really a smart move on his part.  I struggle the most with the fact that he left two doors unlocked in the middle of the night, endangering the safety of everyone else at the dorm.  I don't trust this person and I cannot resolve the fact I am responsible for the other children at the dorm while this person who cares nothing about them may be able to continue to live here and put them at risk...

And so, I am happy to find something beautiful to gaze upon.


Shan in Japan said...

I took pictures with my cheap cell phone today as I was passing out fliers. Hopefully I can upload them sometime soon!
Enjoy spring's arrival!

Molly W. said...

ugh, thats a tough one, Car. sorry. people can be so lame sometimes. beautiful photos though! :)