Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Images from Sunday Wanderings

First things first ... I'm sure many of you have already found ways to try to help support those in need in Japan, but if you haven't here are two organizations that seemed on the up-and-up to us:
- World Vision - providing for immediate relief needs and then specifically focusing on creating safe/fun places for children
- CRASH Japan - on-the-ground organization setting up six bases to bring blankets, bedding, first aid equipment, portable hospitals, and water purification systems ...

Back in Shanghai, we stumbled across this street full of "antique" dealers a few weeks ago which was fun (how dreary does Shanghai look in this photo?).  And a few of my inept attempts at trying to capture some of the cute kids here out with the grandparents (who are usually their primary caretakers in this culture).

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Shan in Japan said...

Kids are so cute!:) Nice shots!
Thanks for spreading the news about how to give to the relief efforts in Japan.