Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Thanksgiving always seems to be a time to remember our blessings and be thankful ... I wish I would give that kind of focus to my blessings everyday. 

This year, I felt especially thankful for Peace Corps.  In spite of the many organizational negatives I encountered during my experience, I am thankful for Peace Corps.  First and foremost, for introducing me to my incredible husband - a person who I never thought I would meet.  Secondly, I am so so so thankful for the group of people it introduced me to.  Our little band of 16 volunteers, bound for Tonga.  Many of who I still keep in touch with and all whom I shared a uniquely challenging and memorable time of my life with. 

This weekend I was reminded to be thankful for Peace Corps because we were blessed by a visit from a fellow volunteer and friend, William.  It was a totally spontaneous visit and we loved it! I was grateful for the reminder of the priceless things I gained from my Peace Corps experience. 

When William arrived on Thursday morning (after taking a very early bus from NYC), he began unloading his small backpack -- it was packed with all kind of treats from Trader Joe's!  He'd hardly brought any clothes and was apologizing for not being able to bring more food!  This is the kind of guy William is.


It had snowed the day before so we got out on some snowshoes right away ... figuring to exercise before the Turkey coma :)

No trip to Forest Echo would be complete without a canoe ride on Tiny Pond ...

... or a hike up to the lookout ...

The boys built a BIG snowman!

A quick fishing trip on Tiny Pond -- the fish live up to the name: Tiny!


Putting William to work before he headed home!


Shan in Japan said...

Looks like a fun time.
I thought of you guys yesterday when I was baking and watching "White Christmas"!

Will said...

Was so much fun to see you guys again. Thank you for everything! I can't wait for you guys to come visit in NYC! We'll need to plan a trip before then too! :)