Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Do you ever just feel lost?

Do you ever try so hard to be the person you want to be and just utterly fail?  Day.After.Day. 
Constantly failing at something makes me want to just give up. 
Will I ever be the kind, patient, tender-hearted woman that I want to be?  Will I ever even make progress toward those things?  I dunno.  Today, it seems impossible and I feel empty with that depressing thought.
I know that tomorrow when I wake up, I'll have a new perspective -- for some reason, "a new day with no mistakes in it yet" gives me the boost I need to try yet again :)
For today, I get to sit in this beautiful library and use the free internet ... I am fortunate.


Kim said...

aw sweetie :( I think every human has those days where they wish they were the person they long to be. I don't think we will every reach that "perfect" state this side of heaven, but God will help you everyday to choose the right words and thoughts to fill your home and mind. I love you and I totally understand!!

Unknown said...

You and Jason are some of the nicest and most considerate people that I've had the opportunity to know. Whatever it is, don't be so hard on yourself! Come to think of it, you're so thoughtful that having an off day is a rare occasion that requires self reflection... whereas most of us just shrug it off as a Monday :)

Molly W. said...

Amen and amen. You aren't alone w/ these thoughts, friend.