Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A March mish-mash

I've been pretty quiet ... life has gotten busy all of a sudden (which is a good thing I think ... many of the things making us "busy" are doing things with friends which it is great to have!)

Here are a few photos of what's been happening with us ...

We've got a temporary (rather labor intensive) fix in place with our water ... part of the process involves this tubing being in our house.  Lovely :)

We've had some crazy weather, like everywhere else I suppose. A BIG snow storm, dumping 12 - 14 inches on everything ... making the work-around to our water ever more interesting and requiring Jason to get up on the roof one more time to shovel.

We've had some beautiful sunsets too -- with Spring on it's way, these trees will soon be clothed again which will be wonderful, but I will miss being able to see through them.

These birds made me so happy, they were flying from treetop to treetop catching the last rays of the sunshine before it went down for the day. 

Seeing these did not make me happy -- thousands and thousands of tiny black bugs hatching out and covering every surface outside! So sick!

And then, we got one more snow storm.  Probably our last one for the season.

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