Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring hiking at Okemo

This week I made a mistake ... I thought I had guests coming on Monday afternoon for two days, but turned out I had written the dates down wrong! They are actually coming this next week. I was only glad that I was had mistakenly had them coming a week earlier vs. a week late

With no house guests, it turned out we could go on a hike with some of our Okemo co-workers on Tuesday.  It was a really nice end to our work season and a gorgeous day for a hike. We've felt fortunate to get to know both Phil and Melissa through our work season ... Phil is a fellow Christian brother and very fun guy who we've hung out with a lot with in the past couple months; we were happy to find out early in the seaspm that Melissa had also served in the Peace Corps, giving us a common bond of some similar experiences even though we'd served in opposite parts of the world. 


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