Saturday, March 3, 2012

Water update

So, we still have not fixed our water situation - in spite of working on it nearly everyday for the past week  Grr.

The timing on these types of things is always interesting/humorous --

1) we first realized the problem at the beginning of our work week when our time at home (& time to work on the problem) was very limited
2) we got a big snow storm several days ago ... great for our work at the ski resort, not so great for working outside with natural springs, wells and pipes.
3) the pumps we have only seem to work sporadically - when they feel like it. A pump will work one day while we test it, then we speed off to work and return the next day thinking we have a possible fix in place...only to have the pump decide it doesn't feel like pumping
4) Jason leaves on Thursday for a 6-day trip to N. Dakota to celebrate his grandmother's 100th birthday

We are trying to find the humor in the situation now and enjoy some laughter in the moment instead of getting overly frustrated, but it IS frustrating :)

Luckily, our employer, Okemo, has generously allowed us to use available showers and we're conserving the dwindling water supply that we have ... our peace corps and Palau experiences are coming in very handy.

Yesterday, we decided not to work on it and instead went for a quick snowshoe before work to enjoy the awesome new snow and amazing landscape where we live.  That was a good choice.  When I find my camera cord, I should have some pretty photos to upload.  We still absolutely love where we live in spite of this little "challenge."

Today I made these apple-cinnamon muffins.  These have become a bit of an easy, go-to recipe for me. They always seem to turn out really good.  I use one apple that I don't peel, just cut into small pieces and today added a butter, brown sugar, oatmeal, cinnamon & a bit of flour crumb topping.  Delicious!


William Liu said...

You guys are so inspiring with how positive you are :) *Fingers crossed* on your water situation!

Shan in Japan said...

I am so spoiled, I am not sure I could live the way that you do. I am not even really a fan of camping for a weekend! Praying for a solution soon!