Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas Everyone!!

We're at work today, but had yesterday off which was unexpected and fabulous to have a special day off.  We had such a nice day, catching up on chores, going on a moonlit hike through the snow and then making a special meal together.  With some of the tragedies that have occurred recently, I was extra happy & appreciative to be spending the day with my husband.

Getting our tree this year was a comedic event ... I'd had the grand idea that it would be nice to have a tree that was a little fuller which meant cutting down a larger tree and then just using the top of the tree.  We found a beautiful tree, lopped off the top (without measuring) and carried it 1/4 of a mile back to our barn.  It was surprisingly heavy and I had to stop multiple times to rest my arms :)

When we got back, I measured our indoor space and Jason measured off how much of the tree we could take inside.  It was hysterical!!!  It was less than half of what we'd lugged all the way back to our place and was so skinny once it was cut away from the rest of it.  It was truly pathetic looking.  Even though the sun had already set, we headed out on a short hike to see if we could find something better.  We were about to give up when I spied a perfect looking little tree across a "meadow."  Of course, the meadow was actually a huge beaver bog -- a swampy, grass covered area with small streams running through it.  Getting across to check out the tree was doable ... getting back across while trying to carry a Christmas tree just added even more humor to the day.  Picture trying to team-carry a large, awkward object while trying to leap over steams.  Yes ... quite the adventure :)

I was reminded today that this will be our last Christmas with just the two of us.  It's really hard to fully imagine how much our life will be changing this next year.  Since today I am officially six months pregnant, here is an updated belly shot.  (Thanks Mom for sending me some maternity shirts since there are literally no stores that sell maternity-wear here!)


Molly W. said...

We also had a comedic event getting the tree this year. Ay yi yi.
You look AMAZING!! I can't believe there is a baby boy coming soon!!!!

Shan in Japan said...

Merry Christmas to you, too! I am so behind on blogging, letter writing, sleeping-not on eating, though! But, I have had a great month sharing the story of Christmas and spending time with friends. Thanks for sharing your comedic story. And, the outhouse looks terribly cold. You two are amazing. I am not sure I would do well living where you are-I guess God knows where to place each of us!
Happy New Year!

Kim said...

You look great!!!! Merry Christmas and happy new year :)