Sunday, December 16, 2012

{unintentionally} cruel comments

Today, I received my first really thoughtless comment with regard to my new pregnancy body ... I've known/expected to get some of these, but I have to admit when it came my way I was still stunned.

The comments was "... you know you're going to get really big, since you're already SO large ..."  

There was more, but this was the main idea.  Sigh.  I wanted to just respond that yes I knew I was large, but it wasn't really helpful to have it rubbed in.  But, I meekly just agreed.  What else am I supposed to do? 

Of course, I totally realize that it wasn't meant to be mean-spirited (at least I hope not!), but it still stings.  

On a much cheerier note ... this is our friend Edie, turning 89 years old.

Edie and her husband, Bud, are very dear friends who we met through church and she regularly reminds me how beautiful I am and that she loves me.  They still live in a house they built for themselves 30 years ago that sits on three acres of land with beautiful gardens that they tend themselves.  They love to play board games and this is where our connection began.  

I'd been looking for something "special" to take her to celebrate her big day and came across this recipe from Southern Living which turned out delightful.  One note, the recipe made way, way too much frosting -- I would cut the recipe in half if making again. Otherwise, I was really pleased how the experiment worked out.

So ... now that I've been informed that I'm large and going to get really large ... and I guess I'll have another cupcake! :)


Shan in Japan said...

Looks yummy! What a blessing to have great friends!
Melissa really did not enjoy those comments here in Japan, either. They have a notebook that each mother keeps and takes to each appointment. If you've gained too much weight (according to their standards!), they stamp "fat" in your book!
Go ahead and enjoy that second cupcake! (I would join you if I was there!)

Molly W. said...

People are SO LAME and say the rudest things to pregnant women! Its unreal, Car. I have stories too. Just KNOW that you look amazing (I was just thinking how small your belly looked for being 6 months preggo!). Shrug it off and don't give it another thought. :) xo