Saturday, October 5, 2013

A present for Luke AND a present for us :)

For Luke's six month birthday this past week we decided it was time for him to have a high chair.  Of course, getting a high chair isn't exactly as easy as it sounds due to our location.  I highly doubt that most local Guatemalan women have high chairs for their children, so the demand is pretty low and those that are for sale seemed incredibly expensive.  We've been scouting at second-hand shops for weeks and this vintage/retro high chair kept me coming back.

It is definitely not fancy and does not have any bells and whistles; but, it works, I love that's it's old and it was the cheapest one we could find.  It was very grubby at the store and as I cleaned it up at home, I was thankful to have parents who have shown me that dirty, old things can often be made almost new again with a good cleaning job.

So, Luke gets a high chair AND his first taste of green beans for his birthday ...

... our present to ourselves was to escape across the lake for three days - to a place where this is the view from the shower!

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Shan in Japan said...

Wow! What a great shower view! :) Looks like the festival was fun even though it was loud. Fun stuff!