Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lake Atitlan Villages: Santa Cruz la Laguna & Jaibalito

Our weekend away in Santa Cruz was by far the best weekend we've had here yet -- we'd been scrambling to find a getaway destination that wouldn't cost a fortune and wouldn't require hours on a bus to get there.  Santa Cruz is a 5 minute tuk-tuk ride + 15 minute boat ride away from Pana and was just perfect.

My favorite picture from our weekend --

We arrived at Isla Verde on Thursday evening in the rain and were thrilled just to arrive (especially after the significant stair climb up to our cabin -- times like these remind me quite suddenly that we are living at 5,000 feet).

In the morning, we had an awesome panorama of this gorgeous lake we live on.  We had nowhere to be, nothing really to do - it was perfection.

Isla Verde is just outside of Santa Cruz village and it's cabins are built going up the hill just above the white building at the water's edge.

Our cozy cabin & views from our windows - amazing!

The bathroom in our cabin was a sort of indoor/outdoor affair. Built into the cliffside, with rock and bamboo. Very cool.

One of the coolest flowers I've seen here!

A big part of what is special about the two villages is that they can only be reached by boat or by foot.  I love that!
The village of Santa Cruz la Laguna -- built into the steep hills rising from the lake.

One of my favorites -- corn growing in a small plot of soil on the rooftop terrace of this building.

Jaibalito was a 30 minute walk from Isla Verde and we loved both the walk and the village.  I think the village reminded us a bit of our time on Apo Island and maybe the nostalgia made us love this village even more.  

I am fascinated by how any available spot in the sun is utilized to hang laundry.

The homes of the locals were very simple.

As opposed to the ex-pat homes -- which were so noticeable in their contrast to the surrounding homes.
This blue/brown doorway is one the prettiest I've seen yet.

 More corn!

One final view from Santa Cruz of this gorgeous place!


Kim said...

wow paradise!!!!

jessie shepard said...

Six months! Travel in your local area seems to make Luke smile! He even loves his green beans while sitting up in his high chair. How wonderful you three seem to be doing! Teaching is going well? Weather a little different than Vermont! Being mom is looking like it agrees with you and what a lucky boy! Missing you and wanting to see you! Jessie

Lori said...

Beautiful pictures Carrie, what a paradise.

Allison said...

What an incredible weekend! I need to be sure to make my way over there. A much needed getaway! You are such a beautiful family.

Shan in Japan said...

Wow! What a great find and beautiful place! And, I love the hats on Luke, too!